Thursday, April 3, 2014

Into The Inner Silence

Reading is crucial for part of my learning curve. Fascinating to read about Ramakrishna's pain from being in the material world surrounded by separation from Source--even at His level.  He viewed it as part of his path of awareness both inner and outer.  Into the inner silence is the only true "solution" for where a place, state, or answer can be assimilated with minimum distortions. Every turn of his teaching is about inclusiveness--even doubts, "bad" behavior, and more.  Before sitting down to read, acceptance of separation had surfaced in my meditation.  Also, the observation of following an inquiry path gives the mind lots of opportunities to have activity, and not always desirable, so I can appreciate the beauty of the devotional path for living in the heart. The groundwork appears different, so there are a different set of obstacles at times, but no surprise that it all takes focus and self-discipline.

Amusement park ride for the inner world is mesmerizing.  Astounding the amount of pull for the unknown and a state of "nothingness." Instead of pain being the nut cracker for the spiritual heart there appears to be a shift to pure energetic explosions.

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