Monday, April 21, 2014

Self As The Reminder

My inner state is joining with the outer state so my living state of self is becoming the continuous reminder of the Divine instead of just when meditating, reading, sitting at Gurudev's feet, visiting statues, tying things on my arm, putting marks on my forehead, drinking something, eating something, and so on, (not that I prescribed to all of these points, but I understand the relevancy.) As the ego is diminished/scaffolding scaled back, the "deeper" state from meditation is emerging as my true state. Fact check-check mark.  Now, the madness I was experiencing as the boards were pried off the scaffolding is becoming an electric current of grace as I adjust.  Fact check-check mark.  Fascinating to see what triggers a spike in the new outer state as I walk--a woman sorting through a pile of garbage with 5 cows gently surrounding her and waiting for her to finish opening up sacks.  Fascinating to experience what shows up in the inner state as I meditate or watch Gurudev converse with a visiting Saint.

How do I know that the ego isn't creating a story?  "The truth will continue to be uncovered in the depth of the stillness, because we have an ego."  Head nod on the Sue version of uncovering the path/state of being and a "keep going." Each person will experience this process and grow into it in his or her own way. Fact check-check mark.  There was some mention of the outward perception continuing to change as well. I secretly keep expecting there to be a wide-eyed look of what are you thinking and experiencing when I do the fact checks, but so far so "good."

It is the first time I went to do pranam and it felt like it came from the formless to the formless.  The exquisite nature of what shows up is breathtaking.  Healthy intoxication.  New possibilities in awareness at every turn.

Eating lunch at the ashram everyday is converting me into an Indian food addict.  The variety of flavors is unbelievable.  No chance of finding Indian food like this at home. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I am delighted to read your blogs, you seem well set on the journey to the eternal brahman. Susan.. as you are touring India and I may be wrong it seems that you are in Rajasthan, it's a genuine query from my side. I would like to make a donation .. amm not much as my capacity doesn't allow me to do much but want to make a beginning with a small amount.. but my dilemma is to start with some genuine org. or trust.. as you know that many times the money get into some wrong hands, and I happened to see your pic of Mother teresa home of Jaipur so thought that you can be of some help.. Can u pls suggest where it will be appropriate to donate my meager amount ranging from 5k - 10k. I want my money to reach some end user who is in actually some need. I desperately seek your advice as you seem very active in this area.. btw I am from Jaipur.. Regards, Jas

Susan said...

Do you want to donate towards animal rescue or humans? Help in Suffering is the only animal rescue in Jaipur and they do an amazing job with what resources they have, (33 years in service and they have a website.) The managing trustee, Timmie, is honest and very compassionate. Regarding humans, Mother Theresa's was sincere and with remarkable service to ones without possibilities. I am sure there are others as well, but I did have positive experiences with both in Jaipur. Please let me know how I may help or research more.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am happy you have given me good choice animals never featured in my mind. I prefer to make a beginning this time by donating for animals. To be very frank never done anything for animals ever in my life as I never had pets.God knows how many births we must have gone through as animals to evolve into human. As the Indian scriptures say that we pass through 8.4 million births to come to human consciousness.Thank you so much for reminding me about animals... let my money with god's grace go this time for some animal service. Susan.. do have any other contact any email or other contact?

Regards, Jas

Susan said...

Wonderful!! Here is Timmie's personal email and I sent her a copy of our communication. Is there anything else I can help with?

Sincerely, Sue (

Timmie Kumar

Susan said...

Here is the information for the website. I noticed a person can donate online as well. They have helped quite a few animals I have discovered while walking. Please feel free to contact me with any additional help or follow up. Sincerely, Sue

Help In Suffering, Jaipur (Charitable Trust, Animal Shelter ...‎
Help in Suffering was founded in l980, on two acres of land in south Jaipur and has grown into a large animal welfare organisation with a number of projects ...