Sunday, April 20, 2014

Diviner Wear

Diviner wear instead of designer wear. Feels like I am wearing a jumpsuit of intoxication from head to toe. Getting easier to navigate in the outer world (movement beyond sitting) from this point of view.

My neck was energetically reconfigured this week along with other streams of energy. Fascinating to experience the shift in the energetic channel of the back and the extension into the base of the skull. What are the little fairies continuing to do, but must be the fabrication of Diviner Wear?

Looking in the mirror, same body, but such a different perception. Feel like a glow worm, but it isn't apparent exteriorly. I had no idea what fun all of this would be.  The years of minute detail exteriorly and interiorly (physically) for dance and riding have made for an interesting backdrop for pure energetic sensing.

Only the focus is different

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