Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spiritual Bathtub

Internal or external fireworks? (View from the front porch.)
Part of the human life cycle is to work with the scaffolding on and part of the human life cycle is to work dismantling it.  Now this may take thousands of years in theory, but it is making sense for the journey to consciousness.  The last three years has been perplexing in the oddness, but now I understand it is the constant adjustment to operating with the scaffolding coming off which causes the disorientation at times. Meditation can be one of the most fascinating experience ever and then to see how the inner transformation is reflected while operating in the outer world. Starting to get a sense of how living an outwardly "normal" life could work in conjunction with the scaffolding continuing to be removed.  It is like getting in the spiritual bathtub everyday (meditation), scrubbed, cleaned, and then sent back out to play.  My deepest doubts are starting to be washed away and now to just settle in and enjoy the fireworks!

Temperatures gently climbing and the water buffalo have the right idea.
Part of the bird sanctuary

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