Friday, April 4, 2014

Courage, Strength, and Will

The Ultimate Warrior. 

While sitting with the Durga Pooja unfolding, I was questioning my courage, strength, and will to continue on this spiritual path. Even though it is amazing and I know that I couldn't be in a better incubator, do I embody those characteristics for "keeping on," so to speak.  The path is narrowing outwardly (although growing inwardly) and now, I don't really fit in the East or the West.  Do I hold up the white flag and surrender back into the material world and just have immense gratitude for what I have learned?  Or do I start to change my container in the West, so it supports the practice in the East while I am not in India?  Only a few more things to dismantle...  Went to sit with it all in my favorite inward practice space which has continued to add clarity and guidance before getting a fact check. Basically, yes, go for it. Another layer of letting go.

As always, a few helpful items showed up in the reading. 1) People on the devotional path probably don't need a spiral staircase. As I glance through the blog, I have to keep wondering how many times I need to examine the same lesson, but from a different angle or depth?   This is the knowledge path and Ramakrishna said the Kaliyuga is body/food oriented, so the devotional path is recommended for ease and progress.  No regrets, but that is making a lot of sense. 2) The spiritual path does eventually lead to the complete destruction of separation. 3) Examining the layers of energetic development helped me to further understand the outward correlation to what is happening inwardly. 

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