Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Official Walk

Perfect perch
Nothing better on a hot day!
Last official walk to examine the outer workings of life in Jaipur, India.  I will still walk out of the love of walking and take photos, but I feel that I have completed my outer examination and want to turn more fully inward. 30 day count down, so I will make a retreat within the retreat and narrow my outer reach. Check mark by the human insanity plan, materialism will always be waiting, men with inappropriate behavior will always be plentiful, disrespect of the environment is a global issue, the disparity in the distribution of wealth is here in force, the evolution of women's rights/place of equality have a long uphill struggle, and the list could be continued, so now to step more clearly in line with renunciation/spiritual truths.  The final tether in the West appears to already be lining up to be cut when I return. Recognizing that with renunciation it is actually expansive in its simplicity.  I have always lived as a minimalist, but that feels reductive rather than expansive in comparison.  Diving in for the full experience.  Head nod from the Master.

Love the ears!
Nature in the city
Remarkable neglect and the other three feet look similar...
Incredible filth--this is a water way!
Small temples
Roadside religion
Relief in the return to nature.

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