Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Bridge To The Truth

Ashram Lotus. First to burst open today
The bridge has been started through meditation and now to test it by walking on it.  Focusing on taking any distraction away from Source and moving my awareness back to It. Any and all and in any and all situations.  The focus point is the bridge and then I am walking on it. I thought my original point was to only gain inner peace, but for me that peace could only come with the coupling of it to understanding.

"The stillness in meditation supports the discovery of the Absolute Truth." Fact check. So much is making sense now. Taking steps to orient my life in the West more in the support and attempt to walk on the ever growing bridge between the two "worlds."  Fascinating the concretization of something so abstract with reading and Gurudev's teachings.  Part of the test will be how much the western world and living requirements pulls me from this new point of focus from the internal matrix.

My bridge in meditation has needed some help. I have noticed when moving from the exterior to the interior state that it isn't always a smooth transition, since I focus on the formless. Sort of like jumping from the dock into a boat and hoping the gap is gauged well. I was wrestling with this point to see if I could find a better way when the screen between my eyes lit up and completely remedied the orientation and transition. Wow! So simple, but so clear.  It was even clarified in my reading afterwards with Ramakrishna telling a disciple that if one meditates on the formless, than the third eye should be used for the internal focus. So much support! Jai Guru!

While walking, I found a small valley of these trees.

(short video of fireworks)

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