Sunday, April 6, 2014

Source Goggles

Early, early morning walk and workout started--heat started. The light is incredible, but that appears to be the emerging state of everything at the moment. The seat belt idea at the beginning of the week was a good mental construct. It is so different to keep examining coming back from meditation into the body and functioning from a wake state instead of a sleep state. There is a definite gap in the mental activity not too different then waking up in the morning. Starting to understand if one is going through "the looking glass" there is a learning curve for moving between the different states and it isn't often that one's life can be devoted to the learning curve. Grace of course. 

The drowning in devotional love was a useful conscious concept to embrace and I am starting to get a thumbnail sketch of how one can see Source in everything--"good or bad."  I have been spiraling, questioning, and examining the darker side of activity on the planet and how to truly embrace it into this new state of awareness. There was a moment today that an opening/shift appeared that left my mind running to catch up to such an inclusive state of being.  One of those oh my goodness moments that keeps you from breathing for a bit and the mind thinking "What just happened?" The mind just got moved to a lower shelf. I couldn't operate large, mechanical machinery from that place (yet), but the felt depth of devotional love to "all" while sitting in the overlays, annihilated space for anything else. 

My mind is understanding that if it every wants to have a job again than it needs to be on board with how to move deeper into these emerging moments.  Surrender?  Let go? How about starting to ask or raising one's hand to volunteer for viewing life permanently from this new perspective?.  Last night I was having a hard time standing up, so I just gave up and surrendered to whatever needed to happen. Who is in charge?  More ideas of control thrown overboard. Greed is setting in.  Greediness and desire for living through Source Goggles.  Is it allowed?  There are places where ego based concepts are useful for powering up the spiritual path. Of course when I started my reading, Ramakrishna placed a check mark by this type of greed and desire. It is allowed for spiritual growth. Thank you and all at the feet of the Guru...bus driver in charge!

Fried, battered covered bread crossed into my stomach today.  Eating things this week that are way outside my normal.  The stomach is starting to elbow me and question my judgement.  Hmmm... two more days. 


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