Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Next?

I was asking the question, "What next?" after finding the path, examining it, and now signing up to be committed to it.  Does anything change with the idea of trying to walk on the path as a lifestyle? How to go deeper and continue to remove the veils? I know my ongoing homework: ego management, meditation, contemplation, reading, and learning from life/Gurudev. Checking if I was missing anything. "No more outer guidance, the time is to develop and focus on your inner guru/voice." Even having gone through a lot of life experiences and energetic shifts, my brain could not quite comprehend those words. The invitation is always open to visit while he is in a body. How is this possible?  I am just getting to the foot of the mountain that I need to start climbing. Life is so remarkable in its teaching capacity and knowing exactly where to gauge the heart for a bigger opening.  Gutted, catatonic, stupefied are all useful adjectives at this point. The self cave just got remodeled.

Two weeks until I leave India, so two weeks to adjust and better understand the next step. (I don't need to prostrate myself in front of a moving train or bus--just ask, "What next?" Watching the baby birds appears to have been useful? I haven't even yelled or thrown rocks at anyone on my outer walks for a few days, so the shift in focus hasn't come from bad behavior...)

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