Saturday, May 17, 2014

How Unveiled Can One Be?

Watching the wedding parade
Just how unveiled can one be and function in the outer world? Naked man sighting on the street while walking. I haven't see this for awhile and it got me thinking about socially acceptable layers of renunciation.

Veils that I didn't even know were veils are continuing to become recognizable. One sentence by Gurudev can be like a lightening bolt through one's state of being to recognize yet another point of separation.  The elevator and the escalator are gone now and the vehicle appears to just be opening to the expansiveness, formless, and silence. The exquisite nature/texture of these states continue to amaze me.  Gurudev mentioned materialistic oriented people often believe the spiritual path is "dry." I can understand if one gets stuck in the austerities, but this stuff is beyond comparison to anything man made.

Dancing in the street!

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