Friday, May 23, 2014

The World At Large

No topics off limits. Discussing the Pope, Dalai Llama, Ramakrishna, unrest in the world, bigger picture, smaller picture, how to walk, and integrate all of it.  Priority of inner state and vibration. Continuing to know the Divine more deeply. Kindness. He handed me a book to read about the lives of Saints. Answering more of the mystery and giving examples of Their hard work and devotion to the One as witnessed by observing Gurudev daily.

Two points I will miss from India without hesitation:

1. Gurudev

2. Pranam on the cool, stone floors of the ashram. There is something profoundly beautiful about touching one's forehead to the ground at the feet of a Master (live or in paintings.)  The physical act of surrender and gratitude from a place of such deep love.  A moment to acknowledge the immensity, the mystery, and the gratitude of being part of it all.

Looking forward to stepping out and learning from the practice. 

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