Friday, May 9, 2014


A flowering tree at the ashram
Renunciation and moving into self cave mode is opening the door to realizing both devotion and knowledge are wonderful but limited, (check mark.)  Instead of the human insanity plan, it becomes the insane longing for unity with the One plan, (check mark.) Living with longing, so meditation and inward self cave living are touchstones and practices for relieving the longing, (check mark.) *The vibrations from nature and animals are another touchstone, since all is part of God's expression (check mark.) Of course, having a Gurudev type Being in the picture is another massive touchstone--a two-legged without the scratchiness who lives in the complete submersion of the One and can answer questions, (check mark.)

Despair to madness, and now moving onto longing. Thought I would look it up. I think it is an improved state? As the mind wants to grab onto something for a distraction to self medicate, the attempt is futile at the root, but part of it is a conditioned reflex.  Someone would probably light up a cigarette, pour a glass of alcohol, or fire up the tv at about this point. All I can do is go inward for absorption into what is unfolding daily.

The path to insane longing for unity is narrow and why few have opted for it in a single-pointed manner, (check mark.) Always an option to fall off the path no matter how focused, committed, or longing, (check mark.) The current states in meditation are incredible and can permeate the self cave while in a wake state. The timing for one's full conversion of submersion is an unknown and subject to one's design, (check mark.) The depth of meditation, ease for entry etc. are all part of one's design, (check mark.)

*(Very kind of Gurudev to add the part about nature and animals, since the human obstacle course is still so challenging for me.  I am developing a new range and understanding, but that is still different than the ease of the other. I have never walked in nature or by an animal and felt I was being vomited on or violated in some aspect.)

  1. 1.
    a yearning desire.

    synonyms:  yearning, pining, craving, ache, burning, hunger, thirst, itch, urge, lust, hankering, need, eagerness, zeal,  covetousness; More
  1. 1.
    having or showing a yearning desire.

    synonyms: yearning, desirous, pining, craving, hungry, thirsty, hankering, avid, covetous; More

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