Monday, May 12, 2014

Living From A Different Perspective

Walking out the gate of the ashram--wedding procession 
Materialism to spirituality--just a different perspective or approach to living. From talking with my birth parents, I feel like I found the human fabric that I fit with.  It will be interesting to meet them in person this year and get a living texture to go with the thoughts. One day, I hope to know the Divine Fabric that I fit with. Truth, liberation, freedom, self realization, and all the words in the reading/conversations with Gurudev will become real instead of a mental construct. Onward and inward to the depths of meditation in the meantime.  The longing makes sense as a drive to unity. Until one starts to look inward, none of this would make sense, (check mark.) Now I have gratitude for the longing instead of dread.

Only the personal experience of the One's Vibration is the Truth of knowing one's Self.  Continue past virtue, vice, knowledge, devotion, mind, books, statues etc. and every human construction--nice for markers, (check mark.) How many lifetimes just to get to this point of understanding? Excited and gleeful--could make a few laps around the courtyard tree. Appreciated download while hiking down a new goat trail and sitting in the ashram.

Hiking down the new goat trail.

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