Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Must Be Feeding Time?

Walked up a staircase that I have been walking by for months and a wonderful new angle  opened up.
Started the walk without a specific thought or question to digest--nice.  Walking in inner silence.  Then the v(V)oice comes and starts the download program. Eternal Love, Truth, and Wisdom are the fabric of our True Nature.  The Fabric of the One.  Ok, so this has been happening my entire life, but now the station appears to be on spiritual truths instead of general life guidance.  As I am moving towards the inner guidance as the predominant source, I assume these are the topics I am suppose to pay attention to?  I have felt like an alien my entire life and this download practice had contributed to that belief.  The information was confirmed in some reading and then by Gurudev.  He almost always adds a meaningful aspect to the basic fact check which is always so lovely.  Nature is this aspect and our state behind the mind. He is always encouraging me to be in nature to stay connected to the vibration of the Divine. It has been a very important touchstone for me on a daily basis even with some of the challenges. I have one walk that is over an hour with mostly the sound of birds and nature. Visiting Gurudev in nature would be my ideal!

A plan of action is formulating and a system for operating in the West is developing.  Part of the spiral staircase is coming back with the v(V)oice, but now with more trust and understanding in it.  Touching the thought of Eternal Love, Truth, and Wisdom set off an internal firestorm. Instructions? Feeding time for the Divine again?  Plunged into the depths of knowing that Her appetite will not be satisfied until I am merged in the Oneness.  Nice try. I thought I might be going home, keeping my horse, riding, and getting a job stacking boxes on shelves. Maybe I will, but the longing is back in force.  Ok, surrender--just a cork bobbing in the ocean and moving with the Divine Tide.

The first six weeks in the US are packed with friends, family, tasks, hiking in Yellowstone Park, travel in the Northwest (nature and more nature), and seeing what is next.  It feels like I will be a visitor in a different container, but with familiar faces and places. The inner world is very different now, so the alien is visiting the outer home base.  It is clear that similar to the knowledge and devotional paths meeting at the same point, the underlying design of the material and spiritual paths all lead to this similar  point where there is no scaffolding--only Truth.

So now on my walks instead of being approached for money or sex, people are asking for fitness tips. Interesting twist, but definitely moving in a positive direction. Willing to make suggestions.

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