Sunday, May 25, 2014

True Surrender

Can one really completely surrender even in the face of a murderer, rapist, etc.? According to the book on Saints and Gurudev, it is possible.  Wow, the bar got moved significantly.  How realistic is it for a non-Saint/normal person to try this?  Nice homework assignment to take home.  The new depth of connecting to Source gives me a glimmer of how this could even be possible, but it would be a massive stretch given that I cannot even walk down the street contemplating the Divine, get harassed, and not react. Part of what prompted this was examining the ashram vs. street rules and wondering at what point they would merge given that everything else appears too. Yes, it all ends up in the same bucket.

Primitive mind to fully awakened and the steps of surrender to get there.  The Earth Plan provides the tests for True Surrender.  "When one walks in that much Love, he or she doesn't activate or trigger the responses that provide the tests."  Hand in the air. Sign me up please. 

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