Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Mystery and The Master

I was wondering how to go deeper, so the new orientation immediately made an opening--yet another veil that I never would have considered moving was shifted by the Master.  The continued marvel at the Master's wisdom for driving the bus. Pranam. Falling down and standing up is my offering; I have had a lot of practice with this combination. Feeling the depth of Gurudev's presence, support, and love while I continue to find my way. As I try to understand the principles of the path and the application to the outer and inner world, he patiently examines and encourages my "non-religious/modern" word choice.  How kind to learn about flying "solo" while in the presence of the Master instead of just when the cut to go home is made.

Reflections. Three years ago I could not find an opening to live and now I have everything to live for in alignment to eternity. 

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