Saturday, January 25, 2014

The "Who Am I?" Question

Early light
Gurudev suggested I examine the "Who Am I?" question as I look at moving along the path. My answer now is quite different than three years ago.  When I went to give him my current observation of self, the reply was one of those piercing looks, silence, and then a few words, "It never ends."  Oh yeah, eternity.  Forgot that part.  Giggle--just happy to be grasping the start and the bar is levered to eternity.  I so appreciate the truth. Nothing like sitting at the feet of a Master.

Meditation is such a fascinating world unto itself. There was a moment (who knows really in terms of time) that something was so big and so powerful that I had to talk myself off the ledge by remembering trust and that nothing has ever shown up that I haven't survived.  As I was walking, I reflected on the story of Arjuna seeing God uncovered and being overtaken by the intensity.  To me it appears random, but at some point that marker will probably make sense.

Sitting in the stupor of joy, equanimity, and peace.  Who needs drugs.

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