Sunday, January 26, 2014

Earth Life Veil

On the way to a new beginning--groom arrival.

Is Earth life the veil for eternity? "Let Go!" appears again.  What is there to hold onto if it never ends? 

When one enters the university as a student, a point of focus is chosen and the path opens up. I would say this has been the same for me the past 3 years.  I knew that I didn't have useful concepts for how to live life from the heart, thoughtfully, and not in pain.  As a scientist, it has been a fascinating point of focus, but I do reflect that when I was a student at the university, I was asking questions about the world beyond science and art. I just didn't know there was a school to learn more that involved two feet.  Every day I marvel at the lesson plan. The timing for examining eternity is so beautiful for continuing to let go. Is that what the steps for liberation are, but not in a careless, thoughtless way? 

When the man in line behind me at the grocery check out asked me where I lived with his second sentence, I turned and asked if he had a daughter, would he find that an appropriate question to ask her by a strange man?  It did paralyze him for a moment and he apologized. The outer walks are not so different, but my responses may be. The paths I run are filled with a lot of hand waving, good mornings, and mostly respectful comments. The inner path continues to deepen.

Groom waiting for bride
Bride arriving
Couple presentation to be on stage
Lots of glitz at the ceremony--traditional Indian wedding setting

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