Friday, January 10, 2014

Really Curious Now

More jogging companions 

Could it really be that simple? Had to fact check the simplicity.  What a sense of humor, creativity, and artistry that is all included in the life game.

1. As humans, we will all experience disturbances and degrees of separation whether we are thinking, being, or doing. Doesn't matter--just get use to it. All part of living in a skin sack.

2. It is a game of percentages.  As we become more "spiritually evolved," we change our percentage for acceptance, equanimity, calmness, peace, etc, as life happens.  Someone like Gurudev has a way higher percentage for not buying into the disturbance plan than most of the rest of us.  We need the disturbances and the tranquility so we can have hand rails for evolving.  At some point, we decide that we are tired of how we interact with disturbances and start to look at changing our percentage.  Everyone has a unique timing for when and how this unfolds, over how many lifetimes, what roles we must play etc., grace from the Universe and so on.  We can influence our percentage, but we never know what tests and events are going to come along to help us grow.

What a remarkable design!  Gurudev just looked upward and smiled.  Fascinating looking back at all the steps just to get to this new starting point.  How so much makes sense now.  Does it change anything about the fact that there are going to be aspects of being human that will have challenges?  No.  Does it change how I view the stream of life as I navigate it pouring over and through me?  Yes.  I am really curious now what life is going to look like.  Will I wake up in Oz?  No.  So many little steps. Remarkable.  How something so simple can be so exciting!

(Oh, the cow with the broken leg did get picked up by HIS after I wielded a warrior weapon.  More learning! Will be interesting what happens next on that frontier. Learning how the white-skinned element can also be favorable in situations.)

Yes, it is a water buffalo

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