Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Future Veil

Illusion that the small string will hold him.  Is my mind any different and there is no string!
My mind gets to be like a fly that buzzes around my head and won't quit. Maybe I have experienced enough inner stillness that when the mind is circling wildly I feel the need to inquire instead of going along for the ride.  What is disturbing you now I ask? Many things are off the full time list, but the future appears to still have a line under it. Examining the why when it has been established that eternity and Source are the programs in "control."  Societal rules?  What about the Self?  While sitting with it all, knowing the Self is the priority, and hands off the steering wheel is the path. Is this possible? I will find out. Trying to know the future is like the ego coming out with a tray of the most scrumptious, beautiful, tasty snacks, but they are laced with desire, attachment, and control. At this point, I will pass. Getting the priority back in order resulted in the most remarkable energetic experience. Homeless (but many offers of living spaces), jobless (but many options), healthy, money, health insurance, and a spiritual master appears to be a good time to try out the letting go of the future veil.

Why do I think I am calling the shots?  While jogging, I had just let go of the animal mantel and was at peace with walking in the human world unshielded when along trots two of the ashram dogs.  They accompanied me all the way up the hill to the Fort. One lets go and it is given back. While reflecting on how many times the path has turned and the support turned with it, I wonder where the attachment comes from?  When I was given up at birth, a wonderful family took me over.  I could have taken that moment to trust and deepen into the support of the Universe instead of recoiling in distrust and detachment. Choices. And then I carried that belief system throughout my life until today.  Nice! The wheelbarrow had to take two loads to the surrender pile today! Interesting to experience the layers of veils--mind, body, and spirit.

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