Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Continue?

New running loop.
Curious if there was any change in approach to move from #2 to #3 (and that is assuming I am at #2...) with the living and meditation approaches. Not really, but with attention to the following.

Life homework:

1. Living an examined life with a commitment to peace.
2. Quality meditation.

I keep wondering when the blogging is going to stop. Maybe soon, since the life homework is so clear and it will probably apply until the end of my lifetime.  The three years have been a search for how to live in the world with an internal connection to peace and an open heart.  There are moments, but is it stable--no.  The life homework is the path to stabilizing in it. When I asked Gurudev about returning to India 3 years ago, he asked why and confirmed my objective was possible. The three years have been the development of my awareness for the path, the walk, and the internal transformation.

The simplicity is stunning.  No magic, no secrets, no shortcuts, and no nonsense.

While examining the Life Homework, I felt like my outer world hadn't caught up with the inner world.  What to offer to the surrender pile?  My actions--how I was taking action.  Realized the steps to liberation are not only my liberation, but the liberation of others from me. More stones fell out of my life net.  Incredible shift while standing in a new place of action.

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