Friday, January 24, 2014

Root Of Attachment

Top of the wall...
How and why do we lose our capacity for unconditional love?  Choices, the story, the history, on and on? While sitting in this new layer of inner peace, the question arose and how the scaffolding from living moves into place. How to build a scaffolding or mud hut and then how to dismantle it appears to be the path.  The root I found was fear, uncertainty, and circumstances that created or enhanced those beliefs--lack of trust. Living in peace requires trust.  Interesting to observe the root of a belief system.

Onward goes the path. While meditating, I experienced a new state of minimalism--there was nothing and there was no one from the Nothing Field accompanying me.  Fascinating as I started to come back to my mind that it wanted to find something to latch onto. Was this the root of the human need for attachment? A life line so to speak. There was a part of me that stayed very quiet and observed. How wondrous it all is.

Starting to experience how living from the awareness of this minimalist ("nothingness") state helps keep the peace.  It is as if I have to take an elevator up to engage in what life presents or needs, but the elevator lives at the basement level as much as possible. At this point, the quality meditating is the reinforcement for the elevator returning to the basement level.

Bottom of the wall...

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