Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Encouraged Me To Follow This Path?

A lovely spot for a rest.

What encouraged me to follow this path?  Pain

What answers did I hope to find? How to live on the planet with less pain.  How to be a human with actions driven by virtue, truth, and love.  How to be a more conscious being.

Is my path driven by the idea of inspiration and a higher Being as my teacher? Yes

Confusion sets in as I look around me for human examples of the teachings.

At what point on the spiritual path do virtues align with actions?

Is it recognized through an inner vibration and nothing outwardly?

Is my own path the only one to examine?

At this point, I consider myself a seeker who has experienced something "other worldly." Maybe it is a mistake not to abandon this material world and just seek the other, but both apply for now.

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