Friday, September 14, 2012

Are We All In This Together?

Are we all in this together? In principle it is all God and we are all part of the Divine Soup. As I read about the history of the Indian's writings on spirituality, I gain a new appreciation for their vocabulary and awareness for describing the mystical world. Much of the awareness is being lost in the evolution of materialism and social media, but the roots are there. Is it the reality of where we are in the spiritual cycles and what act we are playing out in the 24,000 years of the Kali Yuga?

Being aware of two worlds is soothing in some ways, but less soothing in other ways.  Going back is not an option and going forward is not so ego-filled-fun either.  Sitting in the presence of Gurudev or other facets of the Divine Genealogy feels so unrelated to anything that exists on the outside (obvious.)  The desire to know this refined field more deeply is undeniable, but the outer world is part of the pairing.

Gurudev mentioned that making it to liberation does create a peace filled state, but not too many reach that state.  So in the meantime, I try to apply the new internal teachings while navigating the outer world.  For now, I will stick with the plan, "I know nothing and I am nothing." Anything beyond that gets me into trouble.

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