Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Last Time...

The last time I was involved with a sick and dying fish, it led to a massive energetic transformation.  I found one of the fish in the ashram dead.  I was waiting for what was to come.  I have been working on minimizing my sensory input from the five senses, so it took me by surprise when my heart felt like it needed to explode.  I hadn't thought of my heart as a sensory organ before.

Around the world on the compassion loop I went:  starting with the fish, heading to the chained elephant, onto the massacre of elephants in multiple countries, through the abuse and slave trade for children and women, the lifestyles of the miners for blood diamonds, the deforestation of the rain forests, the loss in China of the recent earthquake victims, and so on.  Couldn't stop and didn't know when it would stop--around the spiral staircase of despair and compassion.  Slowly I started to remember the futility of that course and came back to myself.  How generous, the Universe had left in place the heart capacity from yesterday.  I wouldn't have to break my ribcage to get some heart relief.  Instead of years, the loop took an hour and the end zone was bliss.

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