Friday, September 14, 2012

A Simplified Version of the Path

The path

An individuated spark or soul of the Divine in a human form has free will (not other animals, plants, etc.) Free will is a result of our evolutionary consciousness potential.

Free will is an expression of the Divine.

Free will provides the opportunity to act in alignment with "right" action or not.

Our work is what we do with free will.

Ultimately, there is one path--unity with the Divine.  In the meantime, we live through duality and sense perceptions.  The control of sense perceptions allows for a clearer connection to intuition and wisdom.  When we tire of living in a dualistic way, we return to Source.

Destiny is a pairing of work between the Divine and the individuated self.  (I have always been suspicious of the lack of responsibility one can take by declaring it destiny.)

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