Friday, September 7, 2012

A Crack

Ashram Lotus

Is this how it felt the first time a ray of light touched a surface or a wave of vibration stirred a resonance?  A discussion involving virtues, spirituality, humanity, personalities, disturbances, peace, and more clarified another big impasse I was experiencing. How to move forward on the path while getting tangled in the human insanity plan?

Two-leggeds often savor disturbances and frequently are disturbed if you don't partake in their disturbances.  (I had to disturb Gurudev, to ask him about disturbances, and how to work with them on a more refined level.) Is there a point on the path where good behavior and virtues are inspired or encouraged inwardly?

A small example that got me reexamining human nature. There is a sign on the pillar next to where Gurudev sits that requests people to put their cell phones on silent. It is in English and the native language. It would appear as common sense, respectful, and inconceivable why one would want or need a cell phone while at the feet of such a remarkable spiritual being, (ok, my judgement is acting up.) Day and night, the cell phones are going off by regulars, newbies, young, old, tall, or small.  As a human race are we so "incurable"?

Yes we are!  Stepping out of that life raft even if I have to swim.  Permission slip granted.  Gurudev has a book for me to read that addresses all of this.  Even without reading the book for further clarification, it feels like a crack has formed allowing another layer to drop away, but this one feels rooted in the ground of being. It feels like there is a possibility to be a two-legged connected to truth, love, and wisdom while in peace.  He agreed that my self imposed homework is my sadhana.

Sigh, a moment to float submerged in the ocean, undisturbed, and in peace.  Yesterday, I was considering myself a fraud and today, I see that the gate is still open.  Thank you Gurudev. 

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