Saturday, September 1, 2012

Permission Slip to Myself

Having fun at the gym.

2006 started my intense search for understanding humanity and how I could fit in (or not).  The range of human actions that I can employ has broadened:  be silent or outspoken, be in a group or alone, talk to strangers or listen, dance Viennese Waltz in a ball gown or dig a ditch in an old pair of jeans, sing or listen with new awareness, give a presentation to a large group or participate,  gallop alongside a herd of giraffes or pet an elephant on the trunk, and so on. I have made a point to relentlessly examine global life daily through the news, internet, various blogs, conversation etc. and sense into the diversity that abounds.

In a few months I will return to California and need to get serious again about working at something that produces income.  I can do many things, but nothing really draws me now, so for the remainder of this time in India, "I give myself permission to not look back, forward, try to figure out humanity, try to figure out how I fit into humanity, who I am, and just be in the presence of what is unfolding."  

It may not look any different, but somehow, I want to acknowledge the transition--letting go. It is a gift to have had these two years to step out of my normal life, dive into the depths of the spiritual path and now to turn my single-pointed focus on this deeper inward path and to know without any doubt or hesitation that I am in the best place for this deeper alignment to Absolute Truth, Love, and Wisdom.

Pranam to Gurudev, Pahari Baba, and the Divine Genealogy.

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