Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Shock of Love

What is hidden inside?

This path towards peace and equanimity has involved digesting a lot of pain, examining limiting beliefs, observing unnecessary judgements, and letting go of painful memories.  I have embraced the beauty of pain and its useful nature to move towards something different.  It is a very familiar point of connection for activation, but I am caught off guard when I experience the deep penetration of Absolute Love as part of the arsenal of teachings.  My experience is one of surprise at how long it takes to "recover" from the deep contact of kindness by Gurudev.  Will I ever grow accustomed to such a remarkable surge of Love?  Would I ever want to lose the shock value of the reminder to open to the light and not just move through the dark?  In principle, all is one, but the perception reminds me of the exquisite beauty that is also part of the unfolding path. 

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