Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fact Checking

Flowering tree at the ashram

Is it reasonable that I stay in the awareness of the Divine while I walk to the gym, sit with foreigners, read about the atrocities of the material world, hear about friends at home challenged by large obstacles, and...?
Gurudev appeared surprised that I was able to combine the two, but positive that it is a good practice. 
(I thought that was the point, but he said many forget one while in the other.)

Should I give up as much of the outer world as possible while I sit in India with the inner teachings? No need if I am not attached to any of it.

Should I be meditating 8 or more hours a day?  Why he asked, if one is living with the presence of the Divine 24/7.

Is it reasonable to say that I cannot function in the material world while I am in a very deep meditative place?  Yes, there are only rare individuals who can do this and sometimes they are considered insane. 

More stories, more thoughts, more experiences were shared, but at the end he said, "Keep asking questions," and a short story about Rama Krishna and his disciple Vivekenanda followed. 

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