Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Humility As The Sacred Womb

Hard at work sweeping the street--and no safety cones.

It feels like a giant relief to be small, humble, and "nothing" in a place so vibrationally undisturbed.  Thank goodness (Thank God!) that I can be me within every square inch of it and still experience pure Truth and Love.  The vastness of what lies outside that smallness could be overwhelming; like going to see the Grand Canyon and thinking it looks like a gopher hole.  Instead, it feels like a sacred womb with no limits and Gurudev is the Master Teacher who helps unfold these points of awareness.  I was almost in tears walking in my incinerator/insanity walk as I stayed with this new found freedom.  I didn't look up while walking because I needed to avoid disturbances, but out of the recognition of my minuteness--how simple.  If called upon to interact, then to do so out of a place of humility and consciousness.

Another understanding of the scratchiness and how the ego has encouraged pretending, masking, and inventing a story to hold onto.  The questioning of myself and my teachers has been to unknowingly get to this Absolute Pure place of being in awe of the bigger, grander, invisible truth.

Gurudev shared a story of Rama Krishna picking up a melon and tapping it to check for quality and content.  He told his disciple Vivekenanda to keep doing the same to his (Rama Krishna's) head.  Gurudev was kind in inviting me to do the same.

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