Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spiritual Seeker 101

A small instant river from the monsoon downpour
There is nothing like sitting at the feet of your Guru, in a quiet ashram, and asking about the path of self realization.  I was actually inquiring about my homework assignment--what else could I be doing?  How to cross the bridge from spiritual awareness to oneness?  So far, I appear to be on pace with meditating, reading, contemplating, practical living awareness, renunciation, examination of the human virtues, heart growth, and self inquiry.  Seriously?  Nothing big, awkward, challenging, gnarly, seemingly unmanageable, or devastating to add to the list?

He did suggest, "Don't ever stop asking questions and examining the path."  That seems too easy, since that is my nature.  Peace, peace, and peace moving forward and at some point, the entire perspective changes.

A year ago, Gurudev said the spiritual path was difficult. Now, he is saying the path to self realization is difficult, but then he remarked, (with a big sigh and a pondering expression), "What really is Self Realization?"

I have wondered if I might turn into a puddle of coagulated love and peace.  My heart felt that way.

The little television screen on my forehead is so cool. Yesterday, a little, postage stamp-sized vision of Pahari Baba showed up--the Being with the unmistakable beard.

Taking refuge from the storm

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