Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Walking With No Agenda

Interiorization-a life of its own?

Even in the depths of love we know there are hidden obstacles--not unlike navigating a quiet ocean and running aground a submerged rock.  Same old human reactions appeared:  disturbance, disbelief, frustration, annoyance, resistance, and then calm, observation, allowance, acceptance, and peace.  Homework at every turn.  And to find out that the disturbance didn't need to be on my list, another story created by my ever available ego.

While walking with no agenda, I recognized that movement is the place where I take refuge in being. The walking as eyes, the sitting in the ashram as essence, and the interiorization while moving was finally merging into one familiar state of being. The image of the small child, playing in the trees with the voice came to mind.  Uncovering what was never missing; the development of the ego grew over it.  The riding and dancing always required an inner, sensing awareness, so the root of the actions always took place from an interiorization.

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