Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Animal Park

Not sure what they got into or why they were painted, but fun to see--pink piggies!
First time walking for two hours, sitting in the ashram, and daily life with it feeling like an animal park. My original hope was that I could be with humans in the same hearfelt way as with the animals, so this is a milestone from yesterday's demolition. India's system of having the animals wandering around with the humans is a perfect litmus test; it feels like we are all are streaming together while sharing a large corral at the animal park.

It is very clear that the layer removal changes the charge on the experience.  I had a small do-over from yesterday and it was only a charge of energy moving through me instead of a hand grenade. Reflecting on the three stages of the spiral staircase: 1) the experience while living with undeveloped inner awareness, 2) the experience while developing inner awareness, and 3) the experience while living in inner awareness. At this point, it is a mixture of the three stages but the range is developing and I see the value of the do-overs.

We come into the world with nothing and die with nothing, so this is amazing to learn to have and be nothing while still living and experiencing the Earth.  It is all getting easier and easier.

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