Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Marveling At The Design

What a remarkable design. A path with no end point (eternity), the focus is to know the Self (Who Am I?), the ego preferably is not included, and the objective is to operate from an inward place of tranquility.  By default, everyone is on the path, but it is the relationship to the path that is changing for me. Simplicity at yet another level as more of the unneeded scaffolding is removed.

The gratitude and humility even to touch this path, be allowed an opportunity to learn and understand, and to witness a living Master who explains that he is at the level of mud is often confusing and overwhelming as the mystery unfolds.  Observing devotion, selflessness, and kindness from the two-legged world has also been humbling and heartfelt. Who are we all and what are our stories along this path?

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