Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beauty of Hilltop Views, Amer

Amber Fort and fortress walls from yet another hilltop
Only access was to scale to hilltop.
Bright contrast to desert background--amazing nature!
Soft spot for goats

Mega walk today. While resting my feet, these kids stopped by to talk.
Met some spiritual people who were covered in ashes and had interesting hair.  They introduced me to their Guru and invited me for lunch and dinner. I didn't stay, but it was nice to have a conversation without any real thought of our differences.  I like the photo of the children, so I might start branching out to humans.  Humans are still the biggest source of pain for me, but maybe looking for the beauty in humanity like I do animals and nature would be a good exercise. The ultimate answer/solution is inward, but while I am moving about in the form, the photo exercise could be useful.

(short video below)

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