Thursday, March 13, 2014

Slot Machine Payoff?

When everything lines up on the slot machines, there is a payoff?  My physical, mental, and spiritual experiences are starting to align in one row instead of three different piles.  All of them are pointing to one place--my spiritual heart as the opening to all as Source.  Has every step of the design, for however many lifetimes, and in all planes of awareness led to this final inner knowing?  It makes sense now that everything is just experiences and we each are going to be triggered, nudged, knocked down, dusted off, encouraged, and so on in the way we need to evolve as a soul.  The mystical experiences are just interior training markers, the outer Earth Plan is obvious, and the mind is what we do with all of the information.  Experiencing such intensity in all three categories has been what has sent me to look for the innermost place of Self.  It is the zone of focus now--the state of inner silence and peace.  Lots of years and possible lifetimes of being distracted from this simple truth, so the habit to return to what is the Reality of what is always present will continue to take self discipline. Grace.

The morning's impulse was to walk to another temple I hadn't visited, but I walk by regularly.  The "spiritual" man with the robe who drives by me every morning on his motorcycle was sitting inside.  Coincidence?  We had a lovely talk about this latest piece that feels unshakeable in its simplicity and truth--Self as the zone from all directions.  He was encouraging about this latest point of clarity and spoke English well enough that we shared sentences instead of hand signals. Bonus!  A cup of tea was also included.  The white, woman, walking, and seeking has been an amazing part of the journey.  Another coincidence, he mentioned my animal heart as protection in the way Gurudev did a few days ago.  Fun!
Two new roommates. Bug patrol.  They make clicking sounds when they walk, (walking on walls and ceiling... Maybe they have tiny stilettos?)

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