Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monkey While Typing

Getting closer...won't find one of these in my room.
Nothing like typing on the old laptop, floor level, and catching a monkey out of the corner of my eye walking into my room, 3 feet away, like he lives here. I explained that he couldn't stay.  Precious moments.  Gurudev said not to worry that my animal heart will take care of me in these situations.

Visited the western world for a few hours and could feel the new state shift to the back seat.  Present still, but volume control? After meditating, it moved back to the front seat. Fun playing with the awareness in different environments.

One thing is for sure, it is precious and I can feel the depth of tranquility that holds the "suffering" at bay. It doesn't change or solve the outer world, but it does give me a different relationship to it. Oh my is it an exquisite place to inhabit interiorly.

The cow with the broken leg made it home after ashram group involvement.  Looks good! Nice work HIS! Lived and walking. Family very happy!

photo sent by doctor from hospital

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