Saturday, March 29, 2014

Walking Both Paths

The pre-cracking sensation is coming on and no idea what is next or what is trying to dismantle other than the obvious of my ego. Enjoying rereading two of the Ramakrishna books. Remarkable written history.  The "only for sale in India" versions have a lot more details than the ones I read before (and Gurudev mentioned the ones written in Bengali even have more details.)  Nice timing for adding to understanding the madness timeline from the Master of all Master's perspective.

There is no reason I cannot walk both the devotional and inquiry path, (fact check.)  Gurudev quoted Ramakrishna as saying there is no reason not to move straight between the two and with his lovely hand gestures.  Rereading another version of the BG too and asked about some of the key principles of path walking, but Gurudev clarified that some is according to grace of the Dvine if one can walk in the truth of those principles. Interesting in contemplating obscurations and the evolution to where the directions can be applied and followed consciously.  Hmmm--so much to learn.  The more I learn, the more I am aware of how much I don't know. Onward.

Tomorrow begins Navratra. Schedule in place and based on astronomy guidelines. 

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