Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trying Out Devotion Consciously

After sitting inwardly for an hour with some sort of energetic mantle rearranging, I thought I might consciously dip into the devotional path. Zero to one hundred. Opening my eyes out of this new, refined state of my spiritual heart, looking at Gurudev, and picturing/hearing the words of Ramakrishna as a three part overlay was almost too much. The flood of uncontrollable tears and a fall to your knees moment if I wasn't already sitting down were unleashed. It took some serious effort to find my way back out of that remarkable experience to "normalcy." When I am walking and this happens, it can take an hour or two to recover, plus there was no sense of blacking out this time. It instantly answered my questions as to what has been happening periodically over the past 3 years.  Devotion has been part of my path, but since I don't prescribe to a particular religion or faith, I hadn't considered it as part of the equation. The inner construction has been in place and now I am just adding the outer awareness from the human perspective.  I had always equated devotion to a form and now I understand that it is the state of being as the formless. The pull, the drowning in bliss, and the inner depth of who I am.  I didn't have to ask (inquiry), I just had to be transparent enough to experience the truth under the veils.  I might need to put my seatbelt on for the next 8 days...

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