Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Next Homework Assignment

Planning to visit next week

Applications in for a cupcake cart and cookie baking.  There is an ad for stall cleaning--I might qualify for that.  Getting the nudge to hang up a few signs for giving lessons and offering Selfseeds to horse people.  In the meantime, day 6 of the Insanity Program--fitness home video.  It is awesome.  Already a difference in one week.  Blown away by the next level of iMovie called Keynote.  Remarkable technology.  Submitted a poster for the Born This Way Foundation Poster Contest.

Got another homework assignment for the manuscript--thank you!

Recognizing the striking clarity around Absolute Truth and Love.  It is the feeding ground for the soul.  Nothing compares, nothing else satisfies, and it becomes the common thread in every action.


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