Friday, April 20, 2012

Living With The Most Exquisite Gift To Humans

Apple Orchards in bloom

As I soak in the most exquisite gift to humans from the Divine Genealogy (24/7), I wonder why I am resisting it.  Yes, it has all taken me by surprise, since I didn't mentally sign up for any of it.  But now that the gift is flooding through me, why resist it?

The root was discovered.  I marvel at the cleverness of the ego to find a foothold.  It had attached a big 'responsibility sign' to the new state of being.  It was manufacturing a story that I was suppose to do something "different" now.  I was confused.  I didn't understand how to be or do anything different than what/who I am.  The energetic shift comes from the unveiling and I am just manifesting it in the Sue costume.  Simplification is useful and Gurudev always prescribed to that practice in his teachings.  Phew, now I can sink into the depths of this Divine Grace and experience the "to your knees" quality without a responsibility sign attached to it.

Another discovery.  I have always been a super-wired human being.  This most recent energy unveiling is sending me into another intensity level.  For the first time I understand where that "super-human energy" was most likely coming from (thank goodness for my fitness and physically active lifestyle of riding and dancing to help keep pace with the energetic insanity), I have probably been dipping into this pool most of my life--unrecognized as Divine Grace.  The story continues to unfold in both directions--forward and backward.

I recently added doing the "Insanity Program" as a fitness teaching and a second, daily physical activity, so I can take a bit of the edge off.  It feels like I may need to put my seat belt back on.

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