Monday, April 9, 2012

Crossroad 101

A crossroad appeared--inward or outward.  My physical existence says outward and my newer inner presence says inward.  My ego keeps trying to bait me with fear and uncertainty to follow the familiar but painful outward path.  The voice keeps coaxing me to melt into the depths of the inward path.  I won't get guidance from the inward path via email or a letter, so back to the depths of meditation now that my apparent homework assignment is drawing to a less intense phase.

Why couldn't the appropriate information for living in all aspects of the human form appear from within? The path was blazed in India, but the real work is the "how to live in it."  Uncovering the veils at home is requiring more discernment.  What aspects of the past operating style are important to keep?  Probably honesty, integrity, authenticity and others in this category.

Sue wants to keep driving the bus now that she is home, but that has only worked to a limiting point.  The words of advice from Gurudev come flowing in, "Let go."  How many times do I need to drive around the same block until I can operate from this place in all locations?

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