Sunday, April 8, 2012

India in 6 Weeks

The test has been to return home and see what happens.  As I finish rereading the proposed book for the 4th time, I see that I have relived the teachings from India in the past 6 weeks--nothing like the zip file experience of spiritual teaching.  I even ended up with the same question; can one drown in Absolute Love?

The emersion into the depths of Divine Love is not letting up.  It is the sense of absolute surrender to the Divine--nothing else matters and there is nothing else.  The "naked walk" is with childlike abandon instead of as a white, woman, walking.  In spite of the distractions of daily living, the invitation to sink into the infolding/return to The Divine is in everything:  the presence of a stately Eucalyptus Tree, the vibration from a musician's instrument, the aroma of dinner cooking in the oven, and the feel of a cat brushing up against your leg.

The drowning begins when in the stillness--no limits or distractions to what is unfolding.  Am I part of the playground of The Divine or maybe a bathtub toy in a tub without a limit?

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