Thursday, April 12, 2012

How To Work With This New Energy Field?

When I sit and ask myself, what is different besides everything.  If I narrow it down, I realize that it is the remarkable inner feeling of energy.  Do I glow in the dark now?  Maybe.  The rest of the package appears to be fairly similar to what I started with a little over a year ago.  What is this inner radiance?  As I fill out job applications and write resumes, it doesn't appear to be useful on paper.  Of course, the remarkable part is how it personally highlights the Divine day and night.  It is the constant marker now.  It does feel remarkable and it appears to stir up tears of gratitude at a blink of an eye, but what else?  There must be some lesson the Divine is trying to impart from their vantage point?

As I sat in blankness, the simplicity of continuing to work on being a "good" human was what appeared.  It is like having the internal lint detector turned up to high, so it would be difficult not to operate from that place of intention.  Yes, I am human, so there will be mistakes, but to try and do the best I can.

It feels like being a vessel with this state constantly looking for a way to expand.  The people where I live have noticed the feel of the house is different and there has been more intense internal processes going on--dreams, meditating, etc.  I am not sure this wouldn't be a hazardous effect, but they appear to be happy about it.  How cool is that, I think the new teachings has somehow made me a hotspot like the new iPad.  What grace that the Divine Genealogy uses basic two-leggeds as vessels to share their remarkable energy field.  It is sort of a new relationship, since going after and working towards have been the mantra for "achieving," but this new practice involves letting go and allowing as an operating mantra.  It appears to be part of the new rules and operating from an inside-out platform.

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