Monday, April 23, 2012

Heart Harpoon

I have been leaving the horse training issue sitting on the back burner, but I guess the universe's rolodex system was bound to bring it up at some point.  A pro-horse friend had me watch a video of the destruction of probably the most remarkable horse and rider combination that dressage has ever known.  The horse was sold out from under the rider to a team of investors who were motivated by greed/fame--nothing related to the welfare of the animal.  Less than 2 years later, the horse is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  The video symbolizes every aspect of what led me to look at suicide, a trip to Africa, and eventually India.  The universe knows right where my soft spot is.  I didn't black out, but it did leave me disoriented.  Dressage has been the focus of 25 years of horse association and this really highlights why I was so seriously examining stepping away from it.  Some people have suggested why not be a beacon for change.  I have turned that stone over for four years now?  If I was going to dive into the "make a change idea" it would probably be around something more urgent:  rain forests, sex slavery, women's rights, etc.  Experiences like these are always good for cracking open the heart capacity, so I will sit with this a bit.  Taming of Totilas


Anonymous said...

This was beautiful!

Val said...

We each have an area of expertise and a passion upon which part of our life's bliss depends. This is where we should pour our energy with the best hope of making a difference.
Good luck on your journey.

Susan said...

Horses have been my deepest passion and a lifeline in the human insanity program. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments. I am trying to understand it as a point of entry pack into the outer world or as a teaching (or both?) Gurudev once gave me a homework assignment to go deeper to find a third answer. This feels like one of those opportunities. The answer was very expansive and permeated with Absolute Love.