Sunday, May 1, 2011

A day in South Africa

South Africa for a day, one step closer to home. Although, I am feeling like home is inside of me now and that it doesn't matter where my body is, it just a skin sack with bones inside to give it some shape. I can see the benefits of India's lifestyle for this thinking. They are more connected to the spirit (abstract) than the form (concrete.) And the West is opposite. Wow, this is too cool integrating all of it back together. What a gift learning how to be comfortably present in both environments. I picked up two books at the airport: one is about Gandhi and his process in South Africa/India and the other is Eat, Pray, and Love, ( a book about a Western woman's spiritual search through Italy, India, and Indonesia.)

Already experiencing such gratitude for having a recall button that taps into the divine grace of the Pahari Baba Ashram experience in its totality. I know this is just a start and that there is a lot of surrendering ahead, but wow. Pranam to the possibilities and what has already unfolded.

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