Saturday, May 21, 2011

Satsang In Temecula, California

First satsang post India. I went to a gathering of seekers at Francis Lucille's house in Temecula, California. The house was on top of a mountain that overlooked the world at large. It wasn't too different than being on the wall at Amber Fort or the Ganesha temple. The more I travel, the more similarities I experience in the world. It is no different than seeing a full moon and reflecting upon where you have experienced different moons. With the current full moon, I was remembering South Africa and India and how the moon has the same beauty everywhere. A few days ago, I drove by a lake in Escondido and missed seeing the floating palace that is in Jaipur's lake.

Getting back to the satsang, it was lovely to experience a different group of people who are equally devoted to being on the realization path as many are in India. Different clothes, different skin color, but same intention. I was surprised that I found the verbal teaching so distracting. I wanted to just sit in the silence of the group and drink in the shared experience. For me who asks 10,000 questions that was an amazing shift. At one point in the discussion, Frances acknowledged the beauty of people joining together in the shared pursuit of love, peace, and truth. So simple, but so beautiful. It created a deep silence in the aftermath of his words. For me, it felt like a portal into that intense heart opening that I experienced in India. Crazy as it may sound, all I want to do is immerse myself in the depth of heart opening until the universe says enough. Maybe there is something more beautiful beyond that concept, but for now, I cannot even imagine and have no longing for more.

In preparation for my return to India, the unraveling of life is separating me from 6 hours of meditation a day , but while sitting in silence driving to the event, I could feel those same shakti-drunk feelings that I would get walking to the ashram. Life is so cool! I know that it isn't the attachment to bliss, but it is so fun to be part of the Divine's science experiment.

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