Friday, May 6, 2011

All oars in the water.

All oars in the water: listed the car for sale, advertised/contacted people about Ultimo (the horse), couch and a few plants found a home (little by little dismantling process), working on the details for health insurance abroad, found out I can unlock my IPhone so I can use it in India, almost finished with the initial phase of the Selfseeds site, having a page designed on the PhoenixEQ site for submitting custom jewelry requests (a start up business from India), contemplating the cat, started back at the gym (the walking and in hotel exercise program saved me), riding horses, and meditating (although not 5-6 hours a day.) As I put on one of my riding shirts and noticed the holes from riding in the South African brush, it felt like a lifetime ago.

Very little in my western life supports an eastern spiritual practice ,(other than trying to be mindful every waking moment.) I was curious if I would start doubting my desire to move back to India given how easy everything is here, (other than needing to work like a maniac to pay for it all.) No!!! The desire to deepen into that process is as strong as anything I have pursued whether it was riding, dancing, or fitness. Now for grace to get everything lined up as easily as the trip to South Africa and India.

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