Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you Yo-yo

After posting my friend's dog's death, I found out that Yo-yo, the little puppy at the Pahari Baba Ashram, died of poisoning. I had just emailed inquiring into how his leg was healing when I got the news. Whether or not you believe death is final or a transition, it does punctuate a moment in the flow of what we experience as living presence. For me, it led me to a place of reflection: how was I touched by that small,four-legged, ball of energy? He helped me to rekindle my animal heart and feel its place in the bigger presence of Gurudev, the ashram's energy field, and the infinite. He led me to the vet hospital and an experience with the animal care giving services in Jaipur. He showed me how Gurudev, "Nature" Baba, and a disciple worked together to support a healing opportunity for his leg. And on a very personal note, he always greeted me with his wagging tail and puppy eyes while I made the transition from walking, to taking my shoes/socks off, and heading into meditate. He was often in the shoe area or out front for the send off too. Such gratitude for his heart opening presence and the power in the silence of his teachings.

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